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Greece and the Greek Islands

It is in Greece and the Greek Isles where you'll find the heart of Variety Cruises' cruising heritage. For many years the Aegean Sea has been called home and offering the Greek cruise experience is what makes us different from the others. Greece is a traditional destination for relaxing under the Mediterranean sun, enjoying food and sea, and the gorgeous Greek Isles were inherently designed for island-hopping adventures, We take it one step further, offering a variety of cruises in Greece and the Greek islands for all tastes and budgets. Either selecting a luxury yacht or a casual motor sailer, we promise you a small ship cruise that will bring you right in the heart of the destinations we visit. Small ship cruising is the best way to explore Greece and its mosaic of amazing islands. This is exactly what makes our cruises in Greece unique: The combination of experiencing so many different cosmopolitan ports, like Mykonos and Santorini, isolated heaven beaches, local cultures and cuisine. Best of all, Variety Cruises' small ships dock overnight in most ports, enabling guests to experience the isles' local nightlife.

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