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ocean village
the cruise for people who don't do cruises

If the usual hotel break just doesn't float your boat any more and you're looking for something a bit different - an Ocean Village cruise could be the answer.

For starters, with Ocean Village you won't find any of the stuffiness that goes with traditional cruises. Just a laid-back atmosphere where you can do as much or as little as you please!

Rise and shine, you've arrived.  Mediterranean and Caribbean Cruise Travel.  See more, do more, on an informal sun-drenched cruise.

Travel to an array of fantastic destinations in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.
It's like a magic trick where you know what's coming but it's still amazing... You go to bed in one place and wake up in the same bed somewhere different... Just step ashore!

There’s plenty to explore because while you’re sleeping, we'll be sailing. On your cruise we’ll travel to a different destination six days out of seven (up to twice as many, of course, if you're on a two-week cruise).

Travel to the Caribbean where you can turn the light out in St.Lucia and open the curtains in Martinique. In the Med, you might snuggle down in Dubrovnik and get up in Corfu. It's the easiest way to cruise and travel to loads of great places without the hassle of getting there. Plus you don't have to keep unpacking your bags, so you can save your energy for the fun stuff.

No wonder everyone from couples, friends, families and free-spirits are giving up on the old holiday routine in favour of a cruise. Travel just got interesting - why sit on the same beach all week when you can get to enjoy six?

 you can do as much or as little as you please!

Why we are different                     



Kayaking fun

Think cruises are all about stuffiness, routine and dress codes? Think again!  Whether you‘re a first time cruiser or an old hand, you’ll love the laid-back feel of Ocean Village's informal cruises..

If it is your first time on a cruise with us,

remember one thing – you make the rules. You can eat at any time, 24/7 and wear what you want.

What's more, we’ve got 25% more personal space on board than other comparable ships, with enough pampering and pleasure for anyone.

It’s not all about being at sea either. The ship is a jumping off point for all the adventures you can handle – and with six destinations a week around the Caribbean and the Med, that’s a lot of fun!

Our informal cruises are perfect for energetic adults and kids alike with a fleet of mountain bikes on board, a special Base Camp area dedicated to keeping little ones happy and loads of action ashore.

For the first time, cruise holidays are about free-spirited fun and action. With Ocean Village you'll see more, do more and be more!

If rest and relaxation is more your style, why not just chill out in the hot tub or laze on beautiful sandy beaches? It's up to you how much, or little, you do.
So why wait to try it for the first time? Cruises with Ocean Village are like nothing you’ve experienced before

 Caribbean Cruise Holidays                  

Relax on a hammock in the Caribbean


 There’s a choice of hot new ways to chill out in the Caribbean for 2008/09, packing in everything from lush islands pulsating with wild calypso rhythms to unspoilt get-away-from-it-all hideaways.   You’ll arrive at a new island almost every day, where you’ll have the time and space to explore as much (or as little) as you want of the Caribbean.


Step aboard the original Ocean Village ship in Barbados and explore the very heart of the Caribbean stopping off at a goodie-bag of islands, idyllic off-the-beaten-track havens, and colourful bustling resorts.  Choose to head for yachtie Tortola, sophisticated St Barts, beach-packed Antigua, scenic Martinique and super-spicy Grenada, or set sail for secluded St Kitts, half-Dutch half-French St Maarten, butterfly-shaped Guadeloupe and the peaky Pitons of St Lucia before arriving in lush Dominica. 

If you'd prefer a Southern Caribbean adventure, join Ocean Village Two in Barbados and island-hop around tropical favourites like jungly Dominica, miniscule Mayreau, sensual Isla Margarita and the candy-coloured island of Curaçao. Or step aboard in exotic Aruba and visit the diving haven of Bonaire, the vibrant Venezuelan capital of Caracas, spicy Grenada, dramatic St Lucia and tropical Tobago.



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